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I am passionate about building great software and great software teams. I publish my thoughts on engineering leadership at

I came across this quote from Saul Bass and it struck a cord with me.

Design is thinking made visual — Saul Bass

Such a simple and powerful quote. Design is thinking made visual. No special tools required. No certifications, just thinking and writing these thoughts down. As you move…

Tips to Improve your Development Workflow

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Over my career in software engineering management, there are many things that I found out the hard way. Many lessons have been learnt through trial and error and first hand experience in delivering software. I have used these lessons to streamline my development teams workflow and ability to deliver effectively.

How Creating a Safe Workplace lets your People Shine

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The modern workplace is evolving at a rapid pace. …

Using one on one’s to improve your team’s performance.

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How do you get the best of our your team?

This is a question that is often asked of managers. Some people tackle this question from many different perspectives wanting to focus on roles and responsibilities, tracking progress against a project schedule or indeed the flow of cards on a scrum wall. But I believe that the most important thing…

The foundations for growing your capability, innovation and products

In today’s article, I will discuss scaling your engineering organisation. I have managed software teams of all sizes during my career. I have managed through growth periods, and also during downturns. Over my career, I have come across many different issues which can hamper the ability to scale. In this…

The importance of engineering leadership

Business value is a concept that can mean different things to different people. A product manager at one company may value a long list of features that her customers have demanded for months. While the support manager at the same company may value a more stable product to keep the…

A guide to super charge your development cycle.

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Hello friends,

In today’s article, we will discuss how incorporating cloud technologies into your development process can speed up your product development enabling you to get your product out the door and into the hands of your users quicker. …

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Hello friends,

In today’s article, we will discuss mobile apps, more specifically how to choose the implementation your new app. There are quite a few different options for app development, but these mainly fall into two major camps: Native mobile apps and mobile web apps. I will cover a brief…

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Hello friends, in this article, I will discuss how I created my blog and hosted it in the cloud. I have long wanted to have my own personal blog, and this year I went ahead and committed to getting this done. With a little technical expertise and some patience…

Problems and solutions

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Hello friends. In this article, I will outline five ways to ensure your development team meets their delivery schedule. This article follows on from How to assess a development team, where I described five measures a manager could use to evaluate the overall health of a development team. Delivering software…

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